A discussion on whether the usa should intervene to prevent violations of human rights around the wo

Share via Email Photograph: He was never seen again. Brazil, one of the largest democracies in the world, is rarely considered to be among the major human rights-violating countries.

A discussion on whether the usa should intervene to prevent violations of human rights around the wo

As many year-olds in the United States enjoyed the luxury of a formal education, Sri Lankan teenager Rizana Nafeek traveled from her homeland in to Saudi Arabia to serve as a maid.

The verdict was seemingly determined based on biased evidence; they also gave her no conventional due process.

Moreover, she only had limited access to a lawyer and no translator, according to ABC News. Now the world will never know whether or not she truly strangled the small boy or if the infant had choked on his milk because the Saudi Arabian government essentially decided the ruling before any trial could begin.

But harsh words cannot spark corrective measures because they seem to have little to no effect on the international community. Verbal condemnation rarely persuades a government to act appropriately.

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Syria, North Korea and China have all received criticism for inhumane treatment of people in the past, but have not changed their justice systems. To some, Nafeek is just one person. But when Saudi Arabia currently holds 50 other maids on death row, it is clear that the world must wake up and confront governments that perpetuate injustice.

In the past, the U. Yet the Peterson Institute for International Economics notes that economic sanctions, though usually effective, are not very common.

Thus, further utilizing this measure is necessary in coercing these nations into acting in accordance with international norms that emphasize fair judicial processes. The world has failed to conduct humanitarian interventions where millions have died.

The merciless governments of Rwanda, Darfur and the Democratic Republic of Congo are just a few of those that have slaughtered innocent persons. The international community barely blinked at their actions because they had no personal investments in these areas.

Admittedly, intervention requires the use of resources. Governments are wary of contributing aid for the purpose of stopping crimes in other regions because it might not appear to be their problem. If the international community prioritized valuing all lives instead of valuing just some, change would come.

America prides itself on providing equality and opportunity for its people.

A discussion on whether the usa should intervene to prevent violations of human rights around the wo

But how can its citizens watch silently as other human beings are denied their basic rights? Satinah binti Jumadi Ahmad. Tuti Tursilawati binti Warjuki. If the United States and the international community does not act now, more blood will spill.

In the end, Americans have the duty to ensure a fair justice system for fellow citizens around the globe. Rini Sampath is a freshman majoring in international relations.

The American government cannot waste time and resources attacking systems different from our own. Sometimes, it is difficult for Americans to appreciate the gift of being born in the United States. We admire our way of life, venerate it and will do anything to protect it.

So why do we feel the need to attack other governments for their own time-tested systems and way of life? The majority of us will never know what truly happened — whether or not she actually murdered the infant she was supposed to take care of or whether it was simply an accident of choking on milk, as she argued, according to CNN.

To jump to conclusions ourselves would be to ignore contradictory evidence, including the reports of several human rights groups saying that she admitted to her crime under duress. And we will never know what took place behind the closed doors of her trial.

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This case is not so black and white — there are many factors that go into this puzzling conundrum. The Saudi Arabian government claims that Nafeek was twenty-one when she committed the crime, while human rights groups claim that she was only seventeen.

But what is black and white is where the rest of the world fits into all of this. No matter what we personally might believe, and no matter how uncomfortable it is to understand that Saudi Arabia beheaded at least 79 people in and three in the first month of alone, it is not the duty of the U.

Beside the fact that American resources are limited and our country itself is barely running smoothly, it is imperative that we respect the rights and practices of other countries.

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In extreme cases, one does need to stand up and fight for others, even if it does not concern them. But every time that a non-U. For Rizana Nafeek, the Sri Lankan government did everything that it could but, unfortunately, its influence could not help.

Making the situation even more sensitive is that fact that U. By butting our heads into an issue that does not concern us, we would only be poking the beast more, with no assurance that our intervention will have a lasting positive impact.

Just because we are American does not mean that we always know what is right. But more importantly, just because we are American does not mean that we can tell other governments how to lead their countries.

Our duty is to protect our citizens first and foremost, and by attempting to interfere in other governments, we would only be endangering the welfare of our own.Modern international human rights law traces its origins to the post-World War II period, when countries acknowledged the profound need for an international consensus regarding the protection of basic human rights.

Many conflicts are sparked by a failure to protect human rights, and the trauma that results from severe human rights violations often leads to new human rights violations. As conflict intensifies, hatred accumulates and makes restoration of peace more difficult.

The Responsibility to Protect Human Rights David Miller on the principle that where widespread violations of human rights are taking place, some agency should step in to prevent them.

on the question whether a particular proposed intervention is legitimate under. The Responsibility to Protect: Human Rights and Humanitarian Dimensions.

A discussion on whether the usa should intervene to prevent violations of human rights around the wo

Facebook; Twitter; Human Rights and Humanitarian Dimensions or other gross violations of human rights behind. The policy community has been debating an interesting question: whether, or to what extent, concerns about human rights and the right to free religious expression should affect U.S.

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