A religious ranting on the topic of existence of a deity

I've never heard a smart argument for the existence of god. That statement "I'll try being nicer when other people try being smarter" is an ad hominem attack on theists. You did not provide any criticism of arguments for the existence of a god.

A religious ranting on the topic of existence of a deity

Reply Sat 3 Apr, And we've been through it all anyway. And Ed invited those who have a problem with evolution to offer their reasons. You were not invited.

A religious ranting on the topic of existence of a deity

Ed knows what you think. He wants to know what anti-evolutionists think.

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You have made it look like the human condition is not a reality which is to make the same case as the religionists make. And that science only inquires into the reality as you define the word.

The reality of the natural human condition is the feral organism. That has had to be worked on and moulded and the evidence is right before your eyes which mould was selected in. We are not discussing a belief in the supernatural. I never have been.

I am discussing the effects of the belief set against the effects of non-belief.

A religious ranting on the topic of existence of a deity

Can you not see that you're in a false position. I've explained it often enough and every which way I can. You are sat in the boat and for a laugh or some other reason you have decided to rock it knowing that you won't sink it on your own and forgetting that if all the others in the boat do what you do it will sink.

So either you want it to sink or you want to make a nuisance of yourself. Explain how us all being atheists, rather than just a small and noisy minority, will serve our purposes.

As for those who adhere to beliefs being selected outyou must be living in cloud cuckoo land. You are not facing a society that has followed your policy recommendation. So you can indulge yourself at no cost.

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It's a free ride. The Emperor has no clothes. Kant said--"So act as if your maxims should serve at the same time as the universal law.That's what I've been saying all along, Science does not address religion, because there are no facts to examine.

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Atheists: No God, just whining Another topic that atheists beat like the hammer on the anvil in the old Anacin commercials is Darwinism versus creationism. accuses the deity of being a. Mar 16,  · [quote="victrolatim, post:1, topic"] Anyhow, the individual was ranting about how religion is "child abuse" and how indoctrinating children and teaching them that "fables are facts" leads to closed-minded and weaker minded individuals who are prone to be taken advantage of.

However, within non-religious groups, it is reasonable to select a definition that fits the majority of the individuals in the group. For r/DebateAnAtheist, the majority of people identify as agnostic or 'weak' atheists, that is, they lack a belief in a god.

Especially, “do not believe to the existence of a deity” does not automatically imply “to believe he/she/it does not exist”, these are not equivalent. You will understand better by looking my former more detailed answer (with a beautiful diagram) on this topic here: Julien Danet's answer to Why do theists insist on saying that atheism.

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