Coursework submission form mmu

Plays are selected and students cast in the autumn season of plays at the end of the term. Students are required to undertake research and analysis as part of the preparation for rehearsals. Performance materials are selected from a wide range of genres and theatrical traditions and the choice of texts is informed by the developmental needs and strengths of the cohort as a whole.

Coursework submission form mmu

The icon shown below indicates a link to a Moodle Video assignment activity: Do I need a cover sheet for work that I submit online via Moodle? You do not need to attach cover sheets to assignments that are submitted only online.

However, if you are required to submit your work online e. Do I get a receipt for assignments submitted online? Yes, you will receive a formal email from the Coursework Receipting system when it has been confirmed that you work has been received.

Coursework submission form mmu

For submission to Turnitin assignment activities If you are submitting your work to Turnitin, as well as a formal receipt from the MMU coursework receipting system, you will also get an informal receipt from the Turnitin system.

You can check the status of any submissions in Turnitin at any time by following the link to the Turnitin activity and selecting the My Submissions tab.

For submission to Moodle assignment activities For submission to Moodle assignments you will receive only a formal email from the Coursework Receipting system. You can check the status of any submissions in Moodle assignment activities at any time by following the link to the Turnitin Moodle activity and looking under the Submission status heading.

Moodle Video Assignment Submission For submission to Moodle Video assignments you will receive only a formal Coursework submission form mmu from the Coursework Receipting system.

How do I submit my coursework?

You can check the status of any submissions in Moodle Video assignment activities at any time by following the link to the Moodle Video assignment activity. Your uploaded videos will be listed as shown below.

How do I know the date and time when my assignment is due to be handed in? You will find the date on which your assignment is due in the Assessment block on the right hand side of the Moodle unit area.

Please do not leave it until the last minute to submit your assignment, in case you encounter any difficulties. If you are submitting online, you are strongly advised to submit your work by 9. Your work will automatically be recorded as a fail if it is not processed by I have submitted an assignment to Turnitin.

Why was this required and what happens to my work. There are two main reasons that your tutors might be using Turnitin.

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This will normally be explained to you by your tutor in the assignment brief. To check the originality of your work. All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the Turnitin.

Use of the Turnitin.

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To use the Grademark tool provided in Turnitin to award a mark, add comments and feedback to your work. Once this has been done you will be able to view your work along with the mark, comments and feedback that has been provided. How do I do this?

You need to print out a coursework cover sheet as usual and submit via the Coursework Submission Box. For a CD or DVD, place the disc inside a protective case or CD sleeve and put it, along with the Cover sheet inside an A4 plastic pocket wallet like those you put inside A4 ring bindersand secure the top with staples.

Coursework submission form mmu

Alternatively use a plastic folder that closes securely. For a USB Pen drive, secure sellotape the pen drive to the cover sheet, and place inside an A4 plastic pocket wallet like those you put inside A4 ring binders and secure the top with staples.

Where do I submit my coursework? Access to Coursework Submission Boxes is dependent upon the various opening times of University Buildings and availability may vary during University vacations.

University Buildings are closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year's day. What confirmation do I receive to show that I have submitted my work? The Coursework Submission Boxes are emptied regularly during the day and coursework is logged the day it is submitted.

The submission deadline for all coursework is 9. An email receipt is sent to your MMU email account once receipt of your coursework is logged. Please check your MMU email account regularly. You will receive an email receipt within 12 working hours of submission email receipts for work submitted late Friday will be sent the following Monday.

What if I cannot submit my work by the submission deadline? If for any reason you feel you will be unable to submit your work by the specified deadline you should immediately make an appointment to see or speak with your Student Support Officer.

Please note that if you do not undertake coursework based assignments and you are a student on a Programme participating in the Student Engagement Monitoring Scheme, this will trigger further correspondence regarding non-engagement in your programme of study.MMU | Coursework Information | Submission Box Locations Locations and availability of the coursework submission boxes at Manchester Coursework Receipting – MMU CeLT – Manchester Metropolitan If a summative assessment is an activity such as a presentation or performance, attendance information should be passed to the Student Life Office for.

Doctoral Programme by Coursework and Dissertation A candidate must register and pass a prescribed number of taught subjects.

In addition, the candidate must conduct research under the supervision of the academic staff and submit a dissertation for the fulfilment of the graduation requirements. Profile · Manchester Metropolitan University.

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So, considering my specific circumstances and motivations, the course had a profound info 4 coursework help on my poetry.

working on her novel The Masters and the Hunter and preparing creative submit it in Masters She told Humanity Hallows. I still believe that writing is instinctual, . The coursework submission boxes are lockable and tamperproof and the contents can only be accessed by the Student Life Office Administrative staff.

Yes – You will need a coursework . personal learning plan (plp) coursework submission form. for completion by the unit tutor or the designated member of academic staff – only where a revised submission date has been agreed.

Submitting Coursework. The course syllabus is there for your review. Do not begin coursework until you have ordered and paid for the course. 3 credit courses require approximately 60 hours of work and 5 credit courses require approximately hours of work.

Please send coursework directly to ArmchairEd, not the university.

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