Digipen college essay

Additional information may be requested. Applicants will be notified if anything additional is required. Graduate Application for Admission The application for admission can be submitted online.

Digipen college essay

Letters of Recommendation Optional for: All undergraduate applicants including international applicants are strongly encouraged to submit two letters of recommendation. Recommendation letters from family members will not be considered.

Applicants may choose to enter the contact information for their references in the online application. The application database will email each reference a link to an electronic recommendation form once the application is submitted.

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Applicants should request recommendation letters from their references prior to entering the reference name s into the application and tell them to expect a reference request via email. For hard copy submissions, each letter must be sealed, signed, and dated by the author and must contain a contact phone number.

Letter writers should explain how long they have known the applicant and in what capacity. Applicants should provide their recommenders with hard copies of or a link to the letter template provided below.

Alternatively, references may write their own letters of recommendation without using the templates. Please note that these letters are not required for applicants to DigiPen's undergraduate degree programs.

If you have not yet taken precalculus you can meet this requirement by taking the equivalent at a community college or local university, through an accredited online or correspondence course, or by obtaining a "B" equivalent on the College Level Exam Program CLEP exam.

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Scores must be received officially from the issuing institution. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to take calculus, physics, computer science, and related advanced placement AP courses before coming to DigiPen. Financial Responsibility Form Required for: International applicants International applicants must provide evidence of financial support, indicating that sufficient funds are available for the 8-month period of study and living expenses must be submitted to DigiPen and made available to U.

Immigration Service upon entry into the United States. The Financial Responsibility Form must be submitted by all international students regardless of whether or not the student is presently living in the United States. The bank statement needs to be an original document from the bank and not a self-service printout.

It should include the balance, currency preferably USDand name of the account holder.

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All assets must be liquid. Please do not include a transaction history.Essay Topic Obtaining a degree from DigiPen (Singapore) will prepare you to be a software engineer/programmer (BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation), technical designer (BS in Computer Science and Game Design), game designer (BA in Game Design), or digital artist (BFA in Digital Art and Animation).

DigiPen is a highly rated for-profit college located in Redmond, Washington in the Seattle Area. It is a small institution with an enrollment of undergraduate students.

Applications for Fall are now open for all degree programs. Apply online.. Application Materials. Applicants to DigiPen's graduate degree programs must submit the following materials in order to be considered for admission.

The Electoral College The Electoral College is the constitutional system used for the election of the President and Vice President of the US. The Electoral College system was created by our founding father. /5(21).

digipen college essay

Essays can be submitted either by uploading the essay directly into the online application (in which case, there is an electronic signature and date stamp), to mail a hard copy to DigiPen's Office of Admissions, or email a copy to admissions(at)digipen(dot)edu.

DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore offers its students a quality education in the different aspects of Marketing, Business and Sales, industry-focused degrees in Medical, IT, Physical Science & Engineering, Food Science & Chemical Engineering etc.

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