Hieratic egyptian writing and language

Worksheets Egyptian Writing The ancient Egyptians thought it was important to write down information about religion and important events.

Hieratic egyptian writing and language

Hieroglyphs, Hieratic, Demotic, and Coptic. These scripts did not all appear simultaneously, but appeared consecutively over the long period that the ancient Egyptian language existed. It also shows the maturity in thinking of the ancient Egyptians who knew that the complexity and development of life would require the invention of the suitable means of communication to improve and record the wider and more developed activities.

The Hieroglyphic script was the outcome of such long thinking and urgent need for communication. Hieroglyphic script, the oldest of the ancient Egyptian scripts, is a beautifully written script which required special material and special people to write it.

By time, Egyptians were forced to invent a different, more cursive and simplified script to suit their overgrowing needs and to fulfill administrative needs; hence they invented a cursive script known as Hieratic. In later stages, the Hieratic script needed to be more cursive to suit the different affairs and social interactions.

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This new cursive form was called Demotic script. Later, a new lettering system was invented to serve the need of time, called the Coptic script. The Egyptian language was written using the Greek alphabet in addition to seven signs from the Demotic scripts.


Hieroglyphic writing is a script and not a language. Hieroglyphic Script Hieroglyphic script is the first script used by the ancient Egyptians to write their language. Hieroglyphic writing was used for all purposes on: The name is now been given to all the earlier styles of script that are cursive enough for the original pictorial forms of the signs to be no longer recognizable.

The increasing need to document and communicate was the major factor that resulted in the invention of such simple and cursive script. It was written mainly on papyrus and ostraca, however, occasional Hieratic inscriptions also appear on stone.

The name does not mean that the script was only written by the public, but the name reflects its wide use by all people. As Hieratic, it was written on papyrus and ostraca, and occasionally appeared on stone.

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Coptic This script represents the last stage of the development of Egyptian writing. The word Coptic is probably derived from the Greek word Aegyptos in reference to the Egyptian language.

hieratic egyptian writing and language

In Coptic, vowels were used for the first time. This might have been of great help in identifying the correct pronunciation of the Egyptian language.

Writing the ancient Egyptian language with Greek letters was a political need following the Greek occupation of Egypt. The Egyptian language was written using the Greek alphabet, in addition to seven Egyptian sign-letters borrowed from Demotic to represent Egyptian sounds which did not appear in Greekthese are:Hieroglyphic writing - Hieratic script: The Egyptian cursive script, called hieratic writing, received its name from the Greek hieratikos (“priestly”) at a time during the late period when the script was used only for sacred texts, whereas everyday secular documents were written in another style, the demotic script (from Greek dēmotikos, “for the people” or “in common use”).

Ancient Egyptian writing is known as hieroglyphics ('sacred carvings') and developed at some point prior to the Early Dynastic Period (c.

Decipherment of hieroglyphic writing

BCE). According to some scholars, the concept of the written word was first developed in Mesopotamia and came to Egypt through trade.

While there. A form of writing called hieratic started to appear around the same time as hieroglyphs. Hieratic is based on hieroglyphs but is much more cursive and rich with ligatures.

“The Conception and Development of the Egyptian Writing System.” Visible Language, Christopher Woods, ed. Stauder, Andréas. “The Earliest Egyptian Writing.

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Egyptian Writing. The ancient Egyptians thought it was important to write down information about religion and important events. Like hieratic writing, it was written on papyrus, the earliest form of paper which was made from papyrus reeds.

So you can see that ancient Egyptian is a very, very difficult language to learn to read! For. The Demotic language of Egypt (used between the 7th century B.C and the 4th century A.D.) is made up of both the Ancient Egyptian writing language taken from some forms of hieratic (cursive forms of hieroglyphics) and the Egyptian language used during this period.

hieratic egyptian writing and language

Demotic, or ‘people’s writing’ developed from hieratic writing but was much simpler and had no pictures.

Unlike hieroglyphics or hieratic this was in common use. Like hieratic writing, it was written on papyrus, the earliest form of paper which was made from papyrus reeds.

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