Loran and shoran

If the places of the two synchronised Stationss are known.

Loran and shoran

Loran in its original form now called Loran-A was introduced during World War II; it operated at frequencies near 2 megahertz, but interference with and by other services and unreliable performance at night and over land led to its replacement by Loran-C. Loran-C transmitters operate… Loran is a pulsed hyperbolic system.

This means that hyperbolic lines of position are determined by noting differences in time of reception of synchronized pulses from widely spaced transmitting stations, primary and secondary. A primary station broadcasts an uninterrupted series of pulses of fixed duration and at a fixed rate e.

A secondary station, — miles — km away, automatically transmits its own signals, maintaining a frequency and pulse duration in accord with those of the primary station. The secondary station maintains a fixed time difference between its reception of the primary signal pulse and the sending out of its own.

The noted time difference of arrival of the two pulses locates the craft somewhere on a curve hyperbola every point of which is located at a constant difference in distance between the stations e.

Tuning in another secondary station locates the craft on another hyperbola, so that its position can be fixed at the intersection of the two.

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Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for RADIO NAVIGATION SYSTEM [loran]. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word loran will help you to finish your crossword today. SHORAN is an acronym for SHOrt RAnge Navigation, a type of electronic navigation and bombing system using a precision radar beacon.

It was developed during World War II and the first stations were being set up in Europe when the war ended. Sharon married Loren L. Lone of Augusta on March 21, and they had three wonderful children together, Michael, Jenny and Benjamin.

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Loran and shoran
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