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PDF On march 4,naval authorities issued a threat advisory of a potential terrorist plot targeting shipping interests transiting the Malacca Strait. It finds that the risk of a decisive maritime strike in the Malacca Strait is low, especially in the context of disrupting shipping interests as part of an economic war against the West. One of the most frequently postulated scenarios is that terrorists could attempt to disrupt the commercial viability of the Strait, either by detonating a hijacked oil or LNG tanker to shut down a prominent commercial terminal such as the Port of Singapore or by scuttling a large ship to block the through-passage of maritime traffic. Igniting pressurized LNG or oil is technically problematic.

Malacca edu

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Malacca edu

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*Heart* During one random weekend, we decided to visit Malacca which is also Siyu’s hometown. Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore started joint naval patrols of the Malacca Strait on Tuesday. The move comes as a response to piracy in one of the world’s busiest sea lanes, where approximately 50, commercial ships pass per year.

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Malacca [Melaka] (K) "British Territory of Malacca" from An Atlas of the Southern Part of India. Pharoah and Co., Madras Borneo - Topographic Maps U.S. Army Map Service, Series T, original scale , Topographic Maps. With the concept of ‘One Institute, One Specialisation’, UniKL’s education model is designed to produce graduates who are globally competent, having been nurtured to live up to .

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