Nicholas ukachukwu business plan

However, that off the cuff announcement by the national chairman of the party, Sir Victor Oye, was said to have ruffled some feathers in the party hierarchy. Oye was said to have been reprimanded, not only for going public before the NEC met, but also because coming shortly after the Anambra poll, which most observers believe APGA won through a deal with the ruling All Progressives Congress APCit was giving credence to the perception. Perhaps, on account of that perceived collaboration, none of the rival gubernatorial candidates in Anambra challenged the outcome of the poll, which delivered euphemism for winning the entire 21 local councils of the state in favour of APGA.

Nicholas ukachukwu business plan

But the disturbing news is that nicholas ukachukwu business plan did not come as a surprise to many right-thinking Nigerians with discerning minds that controversies have since been trailing the avoidable visit whose cardinal objective is yet to be ascertained. Which is why some of the mind-boggling questions continuously flying around following the visit are: Is he on the side of Nigerians that want loots recovered and looters prosecuted or is he on the side of looters?

Why was the visit not a scheduled one in view of its importance to the visitor? Nevertheless, whichever way anybody looks at it, it was nice that it was an unscheduled visit.

Ordinarily, such a visit by an influential personality and indeed, an outspoken religious leader, was supposed to be strictly official and should therefore have been properly scheduled to ensure it was genuine, sincere and not political.

This is especially because in spite of the fact Magu did not know the priest was visiting, he was physically present to welcome him.

This is a clear indication that even during unscheduled visits, EFCC authorities are always ready by ensuring detainees are well treated and that detention facilities meet international best standards.

This is quite different from what usually obtains in many security agencies in Nigeria where suspects are compelled to live under inhuman conditions. However, all categories of detainees — the rich in detention facilities across Nigeria as well as the poor, deserve to be treated kindly and respectfully.

This is what obtains in civilized climes and Nigeria as a member of the global community, cannot afford to be an exception in this particular regard. Why now that a group of influential individuals from a particular party allegedly involved in corrupt practices are in detention?

Everyone remembers the stance of Kukah on the attitude of the immediate past administration towards the fight against corruption. Those with discerning minds also know that the priest appears not to like the manner in which the sitting administration is going about its fight against corruption.

The fact remains that he is yet to realize there is a difference between an administration that was never prepared to fight corruption and therefore allowed the cankerworm to fester leading to the current pitiable state of the country and another administration which from the onset, was fully determined to fight corruption and recover the billions of looted funds from looters.


The looted funds already recovered are clear indications that the fight against corruption, if sustained, would achieve the desired results.

Religious leaders — Christians and Muslims, should refrain from acts that tend to portray them as not co-operating with government in its fight against corruption.

Religious leaders should stop playing to the gallery in their efforts to achieve their selfish interests.

nicholas ukachukwu business plan

Those of them that want to go into politics should leave the pulpit and give room for those that want to serve God or Muhammad without distraction.

Hobnobbing with corrupt politicians by praying for them and collecting money from them in exchange for prayers, religious leaders have desecrated their sacred services.

Do these religious leaders realize their prayers have never had positive effects on the politicians?

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Which is why in spite of these prayers, politicians still engage in criminal activities detrimental to the peace and socio-economic development of the country. Religious leaders should be exemplary in their conduct. They should not allow any form of gratification, no matter how enticing, to distract them from their sacred assignments.

Rather than humbling politicians and encourage them to render useful service to the people, prayers offered by religious leaders seem to embolden them to flagrantly commit atrocities. Religious leaders, no matter how highly placed, should refrain from joining unscrupulous politicians to promote mediocrity and celebrate corruption.On the home front, Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu and his family have been the main agents of confusion in the leadership crisis rocking the community, no fewer than three prominent members of the community were shot dead by assassins, following a misunderstanding within the leadership of the Town Union.

Bishop Kukah’s Visit To EFCC It is no longer news that the respected Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev.

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Matthew Hassan Kukah reportedly paid a so-called unscheduled visit to the prison of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in Abuja on Monday, October 31, Dec 27,  · Iyom Bianca had formidable opposition in Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu and Dr [ ] View More.

Five Catholic Nuns (Rev Sisters) Kidnapped in Delta (CODE) has secured a working relationship with the media for her policy advocacy activities on the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAPBHR). The commitment was the one of the.

Ojukwu’s widow is expected to fight it out with oil magnate, Ifeanyi Uba and business mogul Nicholas Ukachukwu in the APGA primary to be held any moment soon. A great master plan has been designed to boost productive capabilities of the state.

Andy uba's political experience, multi-national business contacts, and policy formulation prowess will usher in an economic revolution in the state.

Also, in Anambra south, where Obiano has penciled the wife of the late ex-Biafra warlord, the likes of Ifeanyi Uba, Nicholas Ukachukwu and others with political IOUs are waiting on the wings.

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