The perspective of leopoldine core on fashion and styling

The mosh pit at Endfest, in Washington, D. The mosh pit is a great place to reach a state of pure being. The pit has been construed alternately as a punk utopia and a Hobbesian state of nature. As the nation immerses itself in a debate about what constitutes a safe space, the politics of moshing—with its questions about who gets to have fun, and at whose expense—make it an ideal bellwether.

The perspective of leopoldine core on fashion and styling

But, as a stalwart of the industry, he knows consistency is part of what makes a megabrand.

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The show began with blazers — a classic in the Armani school of dressing. The first eight models all wore a variation on the jacket, with the first debuting something new: Tailoring, which is what Armani made his name with in the 80s, dominated.

There were double-breasted jackets and sharp suits, with the finale consisting of a series of velvet tuxedos. It all formed the wardrobe of a corporate high-flyer.

The perspective of leopoldine core on fashion and styling

There was an attempt to appeal to no-collar workers too, with soft knitted blazers and trousers that appeared to be a hybrid of an army pant and a jodhpur.

This is the demographic that Armani has been dressing for over 50 years. He appeared suddenly, like the great and powerful Oz, but dressed in navy-blue separates.

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Seven different labels under the Armani umbrella were streamlined into three, with Armani Jeans now part of Emporio and Prive, the couture line, part of Giorgio Armani. As someone who has now been in the fashion industry for five decades, the designer has seen those changes come and go.Style at Styles under $ Styles under $ Styles under $ Style at $+ Shop by brand Ray-Ban Versace Prada Gucci Oakley View All.

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May 09,  · A sort of undercutting of frumpiness and androgynous Party dressing, this is a styling choice more than it is a direction for the clothing The choice is especially provocative at a time when Russia is constantly on the front page of the Washington Post.

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In the Mosh Pit, Who Gets to Have Fun, and at Whose Expense?