Theyre made out of meat

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Theyre made out of meat

Saturday, 13 September They're made out of meat by Terry Bisson This is a humorous but at first a slightly confusing story of which there is no narration.

They,re just two characters involved and the dialogue consists solely of a conversation between these two. The story begins with the characters talking about a new discovery which is made completely from meat, even the brain. The characters cannot understand how this "meat" could have developed a conscience and so how it can be considered "alive".

At first it is confusing as to what the meat actually is or even who the characters are, but as the story progresses the reader begins to understand that the meat is actually humans and the characters are aliens from outer space, the key piece of evidence to show this is their use of unusual words like "wedelei" and "orfelei".

The story ends with the characters choosing to ignore the humans and simply leaving. The main theme of the story is assumption and rationalisation. It expresses the idea that nobody understands everything and that assuming that what applies to one is what applies to all is not always the case.

The aliens for example do not think that living meat is logically possible, and when they find out they try to rationalise the humans using their own beliefs. Failing to do so, they dismiss the idea and pretend it simply never happened because they leave instead of trying to make contact. This is a reflection of how humans have always turned a blind eye to what they don't understand and often grow to fear it or run away from it like the aliens did merely because they cannot explain it.

The message here therefore is that although there may be an explanation for everything, don't assume that something is wrong just because you cannot find that explanation.

Posted by Unknown at.I’m honored that this often shows up on the internet. Here’s the correct version, as published in Omni, THEY'RE MADE OUT OF MEAT "They're made out of meat.".

Levitic: I'm hoping that you are commenting on the impending spoilage of the meat from carrying it around in a leather napsack; and not simply confusing the words fetid and fillet (a certain way of cutting meat).

Theyre made out of meat

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They're Made out of Meat